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Pet Of The Week...Ralph

Weekend Fundraiser For We Thrive

Kevin talks with Scott Fitzmaurice, Executive Director of We Thrive, to learn more about We Thrive and get the details about their fundraiser coming up this weekend!

Impossible Question...Bosses Reveal Red Flag About Employee Desks

Are you showing a red flag to your boss due to how your office desk looks?!

Impossible Question...Did You Lose This Again?!

After car keys, this is the thing people misplace the most

Impossible Question...Eat This To Burn More Calories

I couldn't do it...I'd need a shower after every meal!

Impossible Question...You Need This To Graduate At Some Colleges & Universities

I wouldn't have even had to study for this...

Impossible Question...Only 54% Of Americans Know This

Back to history class...

Impossible Question...The First Prehistoric Breakfast Favorite

One of the first foods to hit the breakfast table...

Pet Of The Week...Meatball

Kevin talks with Mike Defina from the Animal Rescue League Of Boston's Brewster campus about out Pet Of The Week...Meatball!

Impossible Question...Would You Trust Your Kid With This?!

It takes a lot of confidence to lend your kids this...