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Joey Chestnut Puts Down Protester While Defending Hot Dog Championship

Hey, I get it...food-eating competitions are not really my thing either. But, you do have to give credit where credit is due!

Over the holiday weekend, Joey Chestnut won the Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for the 7th straight year...and his 14th win out of the last 15 competitions!

And if that is not enough to earn him GOAT status in the completive eating world, what he did during this year's contest has definitely cemented it!

As Joey was in the middle of eating his 17th hot dog, a PETA protester stormed the platform and got right in his face!

What Joey does next is impressive...

Concerned about his safety at that point, he confronts the protester and throws him to the ground so that security can whisk him away.

But here's the GOAT part...the does all of this with a hot dog still in his hands and then continues to chow it down after all the commotion!

That...is greatness Lol!

Photo: Getty Images

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