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STRANGE STORY: Home For Sale Features A Toilet Right On The Stairs

Lots of homeowners are in the process of trying to sell their homes, trying to take advantage of this hot sellers' market.

And, of course, when you list your home, you want to put a spotlight to those little things that make your home unique...those features that buyers won't be able to find anywhere else!

Well, I think the people trying to sell this 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Newtown, PA have really nailed it on this theory!

If you check out their Zillow listing, you can scroll some pictures of the home that highlight the many things that make it the perfect house for perspective buyers.

And that includes...the toilet located right on the staircase!

I mean, come on...how many of us haven't had an occasion where we had to run to the bathroom fearing we wouldn't make it? Now, conveniently, you can go right on the stairs Lol!

Check out the listing for yourself...CLICK HERE!

Photo: Getty Images

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