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Patrick Swayze May Be In The Dirty Dancing Sequel?!

You may have heard that there is a sequel to the movie Dirty Dancing scheduled to come out in 2024.

And director, Jonathan Levine, said the plan is to try and involve as many of the original cast members as they can, including Jennifer Grey!

Unfortunately, with the death of Patrick Swayze, the biggest star of the movie will be missing. Or will he?!

According to the New York Post, the original plan was to include some old footage from the original movie. But now, there are talks going on with Patrick's family to actually include him in the movie as a CGI hologram!

What?! That's like combing his dance moves on Dirty Dancing with his after-death look in Ghost! That's gonna be weird!

Oh by the way, I found this funny video on Twitter from the last dance scene of the original Dirty Dancing. Except, instead of dancing to I've Had The Time Of My Life, they're dancing to the theme from The Muppet Show!

The dance moves match, too Lol!

Photo: Getty Images

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