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Kevin's Favorite Super Bowl Ads This Year

Along with the actual game, Super Bowl ads are one of the most anticipated things about Super Sunday!

Every year, USA Today does their poll on which ads Americans voted for as the best of the year.

Well, before I see which ones get voted as the best, I thought I'd thow out my own personal Top 5 for you!

First, I loved the FTX spot with Larry David, going through time, in costume, about being wrong about the most important inventions in history...

The Amazon commercial with husband/wife team, Colin Jost & Scarlett Johannsen was pretty funny, especially when he talks about faking his own death to get out of seeing his wife act, Lol...

I loved the Rocket Homes ad with Anna Kendrick & Barbie about buying the Dream House. The funniest part was seeing all the other "toy homes" on the market like He-Man's Castle Greyskull!

The Chevy ad that mimicked The Soprano's open with Meadow driving through the familiar Jersey landscape to meet A.J. was a cool flashback! It made me want to go watch the show from scratch!

Finally...Kia did! They pulled at my heart strings by humanizing a robot dog and made me feel pity for the poor, little thing that only wanted a home! Thankfully it was a happy ending, because seeing the battery turn to red as he blacked out was a real downer!

Photo: Getty Images

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