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Happy 40th, MTV!

Yesterday (August 1st), MTV celebrated it's 40th anniversary!

I remember when it first debuted, with the moon man planting the MTV flag on the moon, signaling the beginning of the coolest music channel ever!

Of course, it moved from music videos to include stuff like game shows (Remote Control..."it's his rules, it's his basement") and reality shows (The Real World 746).

Well to celebrate, Rolling Stone magazine issued their picks for the greatest music videos of all time!

Here is their Top 5...

5.) New World Order - "The Perfect Kiss"

4.) Childish Gambino - "This Is America"

3.) Madonna - "Vogue"

2.) Johnny Cash - "Hurt"

1.) Beyonce - "Formation"

Wait a minute, wait a minute...where is "Take On Me" by A-Ha?! Or "You Might Think" by The Cars?! Or "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel?! Or "Thriler" by Micheal?! Or any other great choice the early days of music videos?!

Looks like it's a case of people remembering the last things they have seen and forgetting about all of the great stuff that came before it!

Photo: Getty Images

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