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A Starbucks employee named Josie posted this on Twitter and said this is one of the reasons why I want to quit my job. A man named Edward came into Starbucks and ordered this crazy drink with like 13 different add ons

The sticker on the plastic coffee cup shows the customer's lengthy order, which is as follows:

Vt Crml Crnch Frap

5 Banana

Ex Caramel Drizzle

Extra Whip

Extra Ice

Ex Cinn Dol Top

7 pumps Add Dk Crml Sauce

Ex Caramel Crunch

1 pump Honey Blend

Ex Sltd Bm Btr

5 pumps Frap Rst Cof

7 Add Frapp Chips

Heavy Cream

Double Blended

What does this drink even taste like with so many add on? Would you do this to a Barista?

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