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Dad Saves $35,000 For Daughter's Wedding, Takes It Back When She Elopes

Here's a good social media "you be the judge" story...

It's about a dad who saved up enough money to put his daughter through college, and then started to put aside more money to, at one point, pay for his daughter's wedding!

After a lot of scrimping and saving, he put together $35,000 for the nuptials!

But, his daughter ran off with her boyfriend and eloped instead...then turned around and asked her dad for the money instead.

His answer...NO! That money was specifically meant to be for the wedding...not for just anything!

So, he took the $35,000 and spent it on himself, which caused his daughter and ex-wife to call him selfish!

Who do you think is right...the dad, or his daughter?!

We took some calls about it on the show...

Photo: Getty Images

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