Lizard Hitches A Ride From Florida To Cape Cod

A lizard hitched a ride from Florida all the way to Cape Cod. The person who found the stowaway brought him to the Animal Rescue League of Boston Brewster location. ARL sent a out a press release and said:

This past week, the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Brewster Animal Care and Adoption Center took in a non-native lizard that had hitchhiked its way from Florida to Massachusetts.

The person who brought the lizard to ARL stated that the reptile had somehow gotten into the interior of the vehicle when leaving Florida and was discovered upon arrival in Massachusetts.

The lizard, described as a Brown Anole, is native to Florida, but a non-native species to Massachusetts, and has been transported to a reptile rescue organization in Connecticut to be rehomed.

ARL commends these actions and reminds the pubic that non-native species should never be released into the wild, as they can create vast ecological problems. Any non-native species should be taken to a rescue organization like ARL – our local environment will thank you!

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Moment RF

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