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Brady & Gronk's "Bad Boys For Life" 2020 Style!

I am the biggest Tom Brady fan!

I watched him in his college days at Michigan before he even came to the Pats!

In 2001, after the game when Tom and the Patriots clinched their spot in the playoffs, the whole team went around the stadium slapping hands with the crowd. That's when he saw me in the crowd, pointed to my Michigan hat and said, and I quote, "Yeah, all right!" and gave me a thumbs up! Just ask him...I'm sure he still remembers that to this day!

And of course, he gave us 9 Super Bowl appearances and 6 Super Bowl Championships in 20 great years!

So when he left and went to Tampa Bay in the offseason, I had no hard feelings...no longing for how things used to be. If we couldn't win in New England, then I would root for him and the Bucs!

However...this video, for the first time, made me nostalgic! I remember when Tom & Gronk first made this video after the Patriots beat the Chiefs in Kansas City for the AFC Championship in 2019.

Well, to celebrate this trip to the Super Bowl with the Bucs, Tom & Gronk remade it 2020 style!

Photo: Getty Images

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