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Eww, That's Gross! The Strangest Belly Button I've Ever Seen!

When I was in grammar school, one of my best friends was Carolyn Silva. and she used to do this weird body trick...she was able to flip her eyelids up!

The stunt was so disturbing to me that I can actually close my eyes and see that image right now...and it makes me want to throw up LOL!

Lots of people have different strange tricks they can do with parts of their body.

Add comedian, Henry Drayton to that list! He has a little trick that he can do with his belly button!

Now, my first thought when I saw this was...Eeeew, yuck!

The second was...how did he ever find out he could do this in the first place?!

Okay, now don't try this at home, kids...

Photo: Getty Images

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