Cape Cod Hidden Treasure Chest Was Found

Nina & Kevin chat with Chris Doyle who found the Treasure Chest filled with 500 Sacagawea coins with his friend Jack Bicker at Wing Island in Brewster. Chris and Jack chose Wild Care Cape Cod as their charity. Jordan Fowler along with his friend Published Author Aaron Lynn "The Brewster Boys" organized this Cape Cod treasure hunt. Jordan and Aaron the " Brewster Boys" said if someone finds the chest and its contents before Christmas day, and deliver it to them, they will give the a sum of $500. In addition, ARCOR will match the $500 with a donation to a (preferably local) charity of their choosing.

For more photos of Chris and Jacks Treasure Hunt check out Chris Doyles Instagram

Remember to avoid making the marsh crossing until low tide. It is dangerous and not the best thing for the preservation of the marsh grass

Chris and Jack chose Wild Care Cape Cod as their charity. They are asking people to help them stretch their donation buy giving to Wild Care Cape Cod.

Looking for a great local orgainzaionFind out more on Wild Care Cape Cod. "Cape Cod wildcare rehabilitation center. Our Mission is to rescue and rehabilitate injured, ill and orphaned native birds, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians and to prevent wildlife casualties via public education and live counseling. Wild Care inspires people to help native wildlife and preserve wildlife habitat - one creature, one family, one decision at a time!

Photo Credit: Chris Doyle

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