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Cape Cod Treasure Chest Hunt Could Land You $500 Update: Found

We chatted with Jordan Fowler who organized a Cape Cod treasure hunt with his friend, published author Aaron Lynn. They came up with the idea one to spread Christmas Cheer but because of covid, quarantine and lots of places being closed. So they put together a scavenger hunt to find a treasure chest buried somewhere on Cape Cod. Aaron came up with a riddle of clues for you to follow. If you find the treasure chest and bring the bell to them before Christmas Day they will give you $500 and $500 to the charity of your choice. If no one finds it before Christmas Day Jordan and Aaron will donate everything to a local charity of their choosing.

A note from Jordan and Aaron

We're loving these stories, pictures, and videos that all of you have been sending Aaron and me while on your excursions!

That being said, I would like to issue a friendly reminder that while you're out there searching for your bounty with friends and family, try to enjoy and respect the natural beauty of our home. Cape Cod is a marvelous place, and I would very much like to stay that way while you're out there having fun.

So, if you find yourself with a shovel in hand today, be sure to put back what you move, respect the environment, and limit your footprint.

Thank you everyone!

Want to try and find the treasure chest? Here are the clues..... good luck!

~ A Foreign Concept ~

None shall ever read my surface

quite the way they might have done,

opposed to me might bring a force

that leaves the choice to stay or run.

I am not so very hidden,

will you find me? Time will tell.

Many come to seek my solace,

half the time I serve them well.

If you find me seek beside me

a sleigh bell in a treasure chest,

a Christmas prize is no surprise

the tell tale sign of conquered quest.

Twenty paces towards a new day

rise to the occasion, please

do not forget the stage is set, so

keep your eyes beneath the trees.

Open treasure chest of gold on a deserted beach.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, E+

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