Holiday Dinner Disaster Stories: Cooking A Turkey Without An Oven

Nancy tells us how she had to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey without an oven.When she worked as a health aid one family asked her to cook Thanksgiving dinner. They already had the premade sides so Nancy just needed to cook the Turkey. Well the house that she was making dinner at was an old cottage and the oven didn't work all the time. The ovens pilot needed to be lit and sometimes it did and sometimes it did not. Of course this was the time it didn't. So Nancy decided to cook the turkey in the microwave. Thanks Nancy for sharing your disaster story and congrats on winning a $200 Casual Gourmet gift card! Listen to Nancy's Holiday Disaster story.

Did you have a Holiday Dinner Disaster happen to you or did you attend one?

Don't have a dinner disaster story, no worries enter to win a Casual Gourmet gift card!

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