Holiday Dinner Disaster Stories: Over Seasoned Turkey

Ali accidently over seasoned her turkey.. The recipe called for 6 cloves of garlic and she added 6 bulbs of garlic. Since this was her first attempt at cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey she didn't realise the difference between the two.She will never make that mistake again. She said the house smelled like garlic for weeks and she should have given her family a tomato bath to get rid of the smell on them. She did say the Turkey tasted pretty good! Thanks Ali for sharing your disaster story and congrats on winning a $200 Casual Gourmet gift card!

Did you have a Holiday Dinner Disaster happen to you or did you attend one?

Don't have a Holiday Dinner Disaster story, no worries enter to win a $100 Casual Gourmet gift card!

Getty Images North America

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