Squirrel Waits At The Slider Door For It's Daily Treat!

Years ago, my office here at the station was on the first floor and I had one of the low crank windows that opened to let in fresh air. However, there wasn't a screen on the window.

Anyway, one day I was working on my computer and happened to be snacking on a bag of peanuts when a squirrel jumped on the bulkhead under my open window.

So, I decided to throw him a peanut. Needless to say this became a habit, as he kept coming every day and I love animals too much to not give it food.

Well one day, I was called out of my office for something and left the open bag of peanuts on the computer desk.

When I came back to the office, there were peanut shells all over my desk and the bag was sitting outside my open window Lol!

So if you're feeding forest creatures...be careful where and how you do it!

Photo: Getty Images

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