Exit Renumbering Project In MA Starts In October

Last year, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced their plans to renumber all of the exits in the state.

The biggest question I think we all had was...why?!

Well, it all has to do with federal highway mandates requiring exit numbers to convert to a mileage-based system instead of just a consecutive-numbering system. Massachusetts was one of three states that hadn't started the switch...so they are now kicking it into gear starting next month. The project should take a year to complete.

So what does that mean for us on the Cape?! Well, the biggest change will be the exits along the Mid Cape Highway (Rt.6).

Instead of the exit numbers running from 1-12, like they do now...the range will now be exit 55-89!

Confused, Lol! Just click the link to see how it all plays out...MID CAPE HIGHWAY NEW EXIT NUMBERS

Photo: Getty Images

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