McDonald’s Employee Assaulted by Customer In Drive Thru Over Mask Policy

A California McDonald’s employee says she was grabbed and assaulted by a customer after she told him he would have to wear a mask in the drive-thru. Maria Resendiz, 19, was working at a McDonald’s in Oakland Saturday when she said a man drove up to the window to pick-up his order and was not wearing a mask. Maria allegedly told the man masks were required and refused to give him his food – what she claims the restaurant owner Michael Smith told her to do if a customer did not comply with the mask rule.

In the video you can see how upset she was. She had to call the police herself because her manager refused to do so. She feels it's not safe for her to go back to work at the restaurant. The owner has been in hot water before for not providing workers with proper equipment to serve customers. He gave them baby diapers and coffee filters to use as a mask.

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