Shark Steals a Flipper Off a Diver

This spear fisher did not see this coming. While spearing fishing in Lucinda, Queensland, Australia a bull shark swims up and steals one of the divers flippers. The diver said " I and one other diver jumped in, and my other mate stayed in the boat as a 'boatie,' which is a person who stays in the boat and drives around, keeping an eye out on the diver for this exact reason. We did a first dive down to 15-17 meters deep and saw some decent sized coral trout and fingermark types of fish. After a couple of dives, I shot a fingermark. The next dive, I went down for a look and saw it just sitting on the bottom. I took the easy shot and started to come up. As I came up, this bull shark charged me. It came out of nowhere". It sure did come out of nowhere, I know I would have freaked out.

Getty Images

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