TikTok's "Check Your Privilege" Challenge

If you listen to the show, you know I'm not the biggest fan of TikTok.

It's mostly because they tend to have these stupid challenges that go viral which actually have cause serious harm to those who take part. For example, the challenge where three people were lined up to jump in the air at the same time...except the two people at the ends didn't jump and kicked out the legs of the person in the middle who ends up landing on their head! Hilarious, right?! Not!

But, I will admit, that the newest TikTok challenge is pretty powerful!

It's called the "Check Your Privilege" Challenge.

As a white guy, it gives me just a glimpse of some of the things people in the black community experience on a daily basis just because they were born with dark skin!

Try it...and, more importantly...LISTEN!

Photo: Getty Images

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