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ESPN To Give Tom Brady The Michael Jordan Treatment Next Year

Last weekend, ESPN wrapped up it's 10-part documentary on the career of Michael Jordan called, "The Last Dance".

I caught a little bit of it here and there...and it was universally acclaimed!

Now, next year...I won't miss a minute of it!

That's because ESPN has announced that they will do an in-depth, 9-part documentary of the career of Tom Brady called, "The Man In The Arena"!

I don't know how well it's going to do in comparison to MJ's documentary.

First of all, everybody loves Michael Jordan, while it seems everybody hates Tom Brady...the Golden Boy, the Cheater, the Defalter,,,you know what I'm talking about

Plus, this year ESPN had a captive audience of sports lovers who were all stuck at home with no live sports options to choose from!

I will tell you though, this hype video that Tom posted on Twitter yesterday pumped me up for it...

Photo: Getty Images

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