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Ryan Seacrest Reassures Fans Concerned About His Health After Idol Finale

As you may know, I am a big fan of American Idol, so I was, of course, watching this season's finale this past Sunday night.

I've been wondering all season exactly how these performances were being done each week. I am assuming that they were pre-recorded at one point during the week at the contestant's house and sent over to producers. Then they would send them to the judges, who would record their thoughts and have those sent back to them to put together the show each week.

The band probably laid down a track for each song and sent it over to the contestants to use for their performance each week.

I'm pretty sure that it wasn't live at all...that is until the end of the finale when the winner was announced!

When they came back from commercial and Ryan was preparing to announce the winner, he looked a little different to me and he seemed a little "off". I thought the reason was probably the transfer from recorded programming to live programming.

But some fans thought it may have been more! That maybe Ryan was having a medical emergency! Maybe even a stroke?!

Well, good news...Ryan says he is fine!

He blamed it on just a case of him being a little tired and stressed about having to put on live TV broadcasts from his house.

And who can blame him for being tired...he is a part of just about every TV or radio program currently running, isn't he, LOL?!

Photo: Getty Images

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