Can I Still Be An Astronaut?!

I am an amateur space buff!

It all started in high school...we had a planetarium at New Bedford High, so I took Astronomy and fell in love it!

One of the first things that my teacher told us hooked me in right at the start! He said that every time you look up in the sky, you're actually seeing the past right in front of your eyes!

That's so true! On the next clear night, go ahead and take a peek at the stars above you. There is a good chance that some of those stars aren't even there anymore! They have exploded in a supernova...but because it is light years away, we just don't know it yet!

I would have loved it if the new United States Space Force was a thing when I was growing up! I would have tried out for that in a second!

Check out the new recruitment video...

Photo: Getty Images

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