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Your Dog Will Need Help Adjusting After All This Stay-At-Home Time

I know you may all set with all of the stay-at-home and social distancing stuff that has been going on, but there may be one member of your family who has never been happier throughout this whole thing...your dog!

Imagine how great it is to be your dog right now!

Every day is the greatest day ever because you're always around!

Whether it's going for a walk, playing fetch with a ball or just snuggling for a nap on the couch, you are your dog's best friend...and being able to be around you just about 24/7 couldn't be better!

But remember, at one point...this will all come to an end, and life will return to a sense of normalcy again.

That is going to freak your dog out! Everything is going great, and one day it's "What Happened?!"

Well, you can help prepare for that now as you try and wean him/her off of the constant attention.

Photo: Getty Images

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