Take A Risk By Leaving The House To Get Food And This Happens LOL!

You're happy and settled in at home...when suddenly you get the urge for some yummy fast food!

So, you decide to drag yourself off the couch and get in the car to grab some for you and family!

Is it a little inconvenient to have to leave the house?! Sure...but you have a craving now...and it's not gonna stop unless you fill the need LOL!

So, you make the trek to your favorite fast food place, wait in line to get to the speaker, place your order, wait at the window until its done and drive back to the house with the smell from those hot, tasty fries filling up the car! But, you're gonna be good and wait until you get it home for the family!

You pull up to the house, salivating...but, you;re just about there! Until...

And the best part is...you're video door bell was able to capture it all LOL!

Photo: Getty Images

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