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Mask-Shaming And Distancing-Shaming Is On The Rise!

More and more people across the county are starting to defy COVID virus safety measures by staging group protests to advocate the re-opening of the country on a faster timeline than most medical professionals advise.

We even had one at the Bourne Bridge rotary last weekend, where about 100 people came together to call for the "re-opening" of business here on Cape Cod!

And many of those 100 weren't wearing masks...or practicing safe distancing practices!

After a period of time where it seemed like we were all "in this together", it seems we're on the verge of "I'm out"!

There has been a rise, of late, of shaming incidents...people who DO wear masks, approaching those who DO NOT wear masks to express their outrage at how they're handling the Coronavirus pandemic!

And the ridicule you'll face on social media will be harsh if you post a photo that is not showing a respectable social distance with the pose!

According to all reports, we are still in the "peak surge time" for the spread of COVID-19 here in Massachusetts.

I know it's been a tough road so far for a lot of people, but if we can just hang in there a little but longer, we may all be able to close the distance between us sometime soon...whatever that will look like in the future!

Photo: Getty Images

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