Petition Begun To Urge The Closing Of The Bourne & Sagamore Bridges

If you've been noticing a lot of out of state plates on the roads around the Cape're not alone!

With many Cape Codders heeding Governor Baker's Stay-At-Home advisory, it's not hard to spot them when there aren't as many cars out there.

There is some concern that these 2nd home residents, or just ordinary tourists, could present a problem by overwhelming Cape Cod's healthcare system...especially as it prepares for next week's expected surge in Coronavirus patients!

Well, a petition was launched on to urge the state and the Army Corps of Engineers to close down the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges to all, except for year-round Cape Cod residents, medical personnel & trucks that deliver essential supplies to the are.

As I write this, over 8,500 people have signed the petition...and it's growing quickly!

What do you think?

Photo: Getty Images

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