The Toilet Paper Calculator Just May Be One Of The Great Inventions Ever

One of the strangest parts of this whole Coronavirus situation is how it's caused toilet paper to basically disappear on store shelves!

A limited supply of hand sanitizer, I understand...disinfecting wipes out of stock, that makes sense...I even get that cleaning supplies may be limited due to high demand. But I would have never thought that toilet paper would become such a scare commodity!

But the big question is, if you happen to be lucky enough to find TP on the much toilet paper is enough?! You don't want to buy too much and look like a selfish hoarder...but you don't want to buy too little and get stuck in a precarious situation!

Well...problem solved! It's the Toilet Paper Calculator! Just a few quick answers, and you'll instantly know how much toilet paper you'll need to get by during your quarantine!

Math has come to the rescue!

Photo: Getty Images

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