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How Do You Feel About Cutting Down Your Time On The Web To Benefit Others

If you've been having issues this week with getting on the internet or trying to download videos from your favorite sites...you are not alone!

With the influx of people working from home and kids set up with home learning, more bandwidth is being used at one time than ever before!

So what's next...I guess it would be having internet providers and applications voluntarily slow down their download speeds.

Netflix is already doing it in Europe! They went along with a request from the European Union Commissioner to reduce the bit rates of their stream to help alleviate the slowdown!

How would you feel if that started happening here? How far would you be willing to go to help speed up the internet?!

Would you adhere to a curfew?! Say for example, you could only jump on the internet from Noon-4pm and 8pm-5am every day? Maybe even only use it on an every other day basis?!

Maybe you can cut the cord every once in a while and do something us old timers used to do to pass the time...play a board game! Well, that's if you still have one in the house!

Photo: Getty Images

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