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Bored Sitting At Home? Take A #Shelfie!

As everyone begins to quarantine themselves in their house for some self-isolation, it's easy to see that we are getting a little bored and, quite possibly...stir crazy LOL!

There may be no better example of this than a new trend that's hitting social media right now.

It's called...the #Shelfie!

Obviously, someone who was on the verge of losing his/her mind started pacing the floors of their house trying to think of the next way to inject some entertainment into their life!

And somehow, a great "a-ha" moment happened where, after a peek in the fridge, that person thought, "Hmm...I bet everyone would love to see what I have in here!"

And...the fridge #Shelfie was born!

Ok...I'm in! I'll snap a picture and post it on our WCOD Instagram page later today.

However, and this is important...NO FRIDGE SHAMING LOL!

Photo: Getty Images

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