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TikTok Star Licks Airplane Toilet Seat For New 'Coronavirus Challenge

A 22-year-old Tik Tok influencer Ava Louise licked a airplane toilet seat as part of her "Coronavirus Challenge" and it went viral. She failed to mention in her video that she cleaned the toilet seat for 40 minutes before licking the seat.

She said on the video “Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,”

I don't know what she was thinking except she wanted the attention and her video to go viral which it did,but it was not received the way I'm sure she was planning.

A lot of people are furious and think she should get jail time for this stupid stunt.

Twitter users criticized Louise in her replies.

“It’s sad that elderly will likely die, and people like this will live,” a person wrote, and another added, “Nice way to get sick dummy. There is more than COVID-19 on that toilet seat. She may want invest in toilet paper for those horrible stomach bugs she just licked up.”

Others wrote that Louise was just doing it all for attention.

“I just want to say, this isn’t worth it. You don’t have to lick toilet seats for Internet likes to feel good about yourself,” a user tweeted. “Ppl will like anything. It doesn’t define you or your worth. Don’t endanger yourself & others for the attention of strangers. Love yourself.”

Louise has not only been retweeting news stories about her, but she also said in a video that she doesn’t “care” if the internet cancels her because she’s “blonde, rich and skinny.” She then added, “I can recover from anything cuz of hot girl privilege (sic).”

Girl Bye, you can do something better with your "fame".

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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