The Coronavius As Seen Through The Eyes Of Someone Who Beat It

It's the topic that is on everybody's mind: Coronavirus!

It's known by different names (i.e., Wuhan Virus or COVID-19), but no matter what you call it, the pandemic is bringing a sort of hysteria around the globe.

At the hour that I'm writing this blog, there have been 137,589 confirmed cases of Coronavirus around the world. 70,472 of those cases have resulted in a full recovery from the virus.

We have all heard ways to try to prevent catching it, and the symptoms that could signal that you have contracted the virus, but I wanted to hear more from someone who actually had the Coronavrius...and BEAT it!

I found this video from a couple of days ago of a man from the U.K., being interviewed by a TV station, talking about what it was like to have the Coronavirus and recover from it.

You may find it interesting, too...

Photo: Getty Images

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