Do You Have Coronavirus...Or A Simple Cold Or Flu? Here Are The Differences

So, my wife came home last night from work feeling sick.

After she got her coat and shoes off, she went online to look up the symptoms of the Coronavirus!

I get it. She works in retail, so she is touch with a LOT of random people...and the legitimate hysteria that is gripping the world about the Coronavirus is scaring a lot of us!

After doing a little research on what she was feeling and the symptoms of the Coronavirus...she's pretty convinced it's just a touch of the common cold.

So, because there is a lot of confusion out there on what the Coronavirus is and because you may find yourself in similar position some time soon, I wanted to make sure you had some information on the differences between a cold, allergies, the flu...and the Coronavirus...

So, keep washing your hands...and be well!

Photo: Getty Images

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