Your Own Do-It-Yourself Hand Sanitizer

As Coronavirus cases continue to spread across the U.S., people are flocking to the stores to buy supplies to help them thwart the little germy buggers from infecting them!

This rush is creating shortages across the country of things like surgical masks, cold medicine...even food, as people try to stock as may non-perishable things in their cabinets just in case.

Another one of the items going missing from the shelves is...hand sanitizer!

I would bet that a majority of Americans have a little bottle of anti-bac on them all the time...just in case. Even around the office, I see my co-workers hitting the pump at least once every couple of hours.

Well, if for some reason you go to the store and find that they are all out of hand sanitizer...don't panic! It's actually kind of easy to make your own!

Watch the video to find out how...

Photo: Getty Images

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