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Mom Disciplines Child By Making Him Do Push Ups In Public Bathroom

Last Saturday, a women in Killeen, Texas was shopping at a Hobby Lobby, when she had to make a pit stop to go to the bathroom.

When she opened the door, she saw the strangest sight!

A women with a child under one arm, watching another child doing push ups!

Come to find out that this mother had had enough of her misbehaving son talking back to her, so she was disciplining him by making him do push ups in the store's bathroom LOL!

There was no yelling...there was no hitting...just a mom, calmly watching her son do his penance for his bad acts!

Though the woman who walked in and took the picture said she thought that it was an example of "strong parenting", that she was compelled to to capture, public opinion is divided as to whether this really is an example of good parenting...or bad parenting.

What do you think?

Photo: Getty Images

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