Massachusetts is one of the cheapest places to buy wine

According to House Method Massachusetts is one of the cheapest states to buy wine. On average MA is the cheapest of the bunch. A bottle of of White goes for $7.97, a bottle of red goes for $14.97 , and a bottle of Rose goes for about $9.97.

Four states were tied for most expensive for white wine. Bottles of white in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, cost about $13.99 a bottle 

The cheapest states to buy red wine are Rhode Island ($14.82), Hawaii ($14.66) and Missouri ($13.99).

As for Rose Mississippi ($17.73), Tennessee ($17.63), and North Dakota ($15.73) are the most expensive. But, it can be found for under $10 in 5 states. Massachusetts ($9.97),Maryland ($9.99), Connecticut ($9.97), New Jersey ($9.98), Delaware ($9.98).

Well that's great because we know New Englanders love their wine!

What is your favorite kind of wine? Mine depends on the

Photo Credit: House Method

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