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Family Out To Eat Makes A Huge Mess At Their Table

I was a waiter when I was younger...and I actually enjoyed it!

Well, everything but that food smell you can never get out of your clothes, apron and sneakers no matter how much you wash them LOL!

Another drawback was when a family would come and leave a God-awful mess of their table after their meal!

I never minded waiting on a table with kids that were a little messy with their food, or their toys or their crayons and place mats because I always though that, in the end, the parents would tidy things up as much as possible before they left the table. And, for the most part, parents did just that.

But, wow...do I feel for the waitress that had to deal with this mess this family left after going out to eat in Colchester, England...

I'm thinking this family should be suspended from eating out at a restaurant for 3 months.

Am I right, or what?!

Photo: Getty Images

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