13 Weird Things That Happen When You Don’t Wash Your Hair For Two Days

According to Bustle not washing your hair for a couple of days can leave it dull and dusty. You may lose your hair, have an itchy scalp, you can start to collect scents and you can develop dandruff. Not all of the things that happen when you don't wash your hair everyday are all bad. Your nail polish can last longer (I know crazy right) and your highlights can be rehydrated. See some of the other things that can happen below

  1. Your hair will look thinner because it is oily
  2. You can get ingrown hairs because of oily hair and leftover product
  3. You can turn in to a dust magnet if your hair looks dull it's because your hair is collecting dust
  4. You hair dye can slide off because the oil on your hair
  5. You can start to smell different because of the oil and dirt on your hair

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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