The State Will Begin Renumbering The Exits On The Mid-Cape This Summer

There is an open public meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Hyannis Transportation Center to discuss the state Department of Transportation's upcoming plans to change all of the exit numbers on the Mid-Cape Highway.

The change is being mandated by the Federal Highway Administration. You see, if Massachusetts doesn't renumber exit numbers throughout the state, we'll lose federal money for road projects. So, I guess it has to happen!

But that doesn't mean people are happy about it! So, what would the change mean for our Cape Cod exits off of Rt.6?!

Well, according to federal highway standards, exit numbers have to coordinate with mileposts. And Rt. 6 in Massachusetts starts at the border of Rhode Island in Seekonk.

So that means that the current Exit 1 on the Mid-Cape will probably become Exit 62...since Sandwich is about 62 miles away from Seekonk!

Nina & Kevin talked about it all this morning...

Photo: Getty Images

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