McDonald's Customer Finds a Metal Rod in Her Sandwich

Ada Teaupa found metal in her sandwich. Accoding to Fox News a McDonald's customer shared a photo of a metal rod in her chicken sandwich. The Austrailan woman was lucky that she took a bite first. She was going to give it to her 3 year old to bite into first. She nearly broke her tooth on the piece of metal.

Teaupa spoke about the incident with where she explained, “The first burger I grabbed I would have offered to her, but she said she didn’t want it yet. It could have been her biting into it.”

She also said “tooth bite into something hard and thought ‘oh no this is glass.’”

A Mcdonald's spokes person “We are disappointed that this has happened. We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place. An investigation is currently underway with the restaurant, and we encourage the customer to contact us to help us to investigate fully.”

Check out her photos and video below

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