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I Wish I Could Watch The Westminster Dog Show At My House

I used to be a BIG fan of the Westminster Dog Show!

Because I like animals more than I like most people, the show was one of my favorite TV events of the year, where I could spend a couple of nights on my recliner and watch these beautiful dogs and play armchair judge!

However, that was all before...GINGER!

Ginger is my 5-year-old Jack Russell Terror...oops, I'm sorry, I meant Terrier!

Ginger finds it a personal affront for my wife & I to watch anything on TV that includes other dogs...or Animal Planet in general!

Whether it's a TV show or a commercial...it doesn't matter to her...she runs right to the TV and proceeds to bark for the next 15 minutes! However, it is pretty funny when the dog runs off the screen and she flies into the kitchen to try and chase it!

Last night, we were trying to watch the dog act on America's Got Talent. Forget that plan!

So nowadays, the only way I can watch the Westminster Dog Show is on the internet!

Just in case you're like me...here were last night's winners...

Photo: Getty Images

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