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Who Would Ever Want To Buy A "Ghost" House?!

My wife and I were watching The Dead Files on The Travel Channel yesterday.

At the end of the episode, psychic Amy Adams tells the owners of the home that her and her partner Steve DiSchiavi just investtigated that the demons and paranormal activity are too strong in the house and that they should move.

So, the homeowners say they'll take Amy's advice...and at the end of the show a message comes on the screen that says the couple has sold their home and moved their family to a new place.

Then I started thinking...how about the new people who bought the house?!

Did the sellers "clean" the ghosts and demons and stuff out of the house for the new people before they sold it? Do they know that the home they just bought is a potential "gateway to hell"?!

I wonder what the proper etiquette is in that kind of situation?! Does the realtor have to disclose that the house may be haunted?! Or do you just happen to forget to reveal that minor detail?!

Would you ever consider buying a house that may be haunted?!

We chatted with our friend Donna Schultz from Keller Williams in Centerville about whether or not you need to tell the potential owners.

Photo: Getty Images

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