This Is 'The Talk' Parents Dread Having The Most With Their Kids

It used to be that "the talk" that parents used to be the most uncomfortable to have with their kids was the one about the "birds and the bees"!

Not anymore!

According to a survey by BT Skills For Tomorrow, the talk that parents now dread is the one! And I think I know why.

It's because...their kids know more than them in the first place LOL! I assume it has to be pretty intimidating trying to project confidence when trying to teach your kids about something you know they understand better than you!

Kids just gravitate to new technology and usually "get it" before adults do. I think it's because a lot of adults equate new technology with the fact that they don't want to have to change their routine and learn something new. But for kids, life is full of new adventures, so they jump right in!

I think the best way to handle this is for kids to start sitting down with their parents to give "the talk" to them!

Photo: Getty Images

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