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Mookie Betts Has Been Traded By The Red Sox

At least you can't say that this came as a surprise!

The Mookie Trade watch finally came to an end yesterday, as the Red Sox completed a deal with the L.A. Dodgers to send Mookie west, along with pitcher, David Price.

I know a lot of Red Sox fans are up in arms about this, but I'm actually okay with it...and here's why.

The Sox reportedly offered Mookie a 10-year, $300 million contract! That's $30 million per year guaranteed! That's like, Monopoly money!

In my opinion, it's obvious that there was no amount the Red Sox could offer that would stop Mookie from wanting to be a free agent next year and go out on the open market to get the maximum amount of money possible. I get it. But to blame the Red Sox for that is a little nuts.

Mookie is a great player. And David Price has been pretty good since the Red Sox playoff run in 2018, too!

But all good things come to an end sometime. Except for the Patriots Dynasty...at least I hope not!

Photo: Getty Images

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