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Nina's Top 5 Half Time Show Performaces

All of these are my favorites but Prince stole the show. With the amazing purple guitar and the rain and the lights illumnating the rain in purple. Prince you will be missed.

I know it was quite a few years ago but I loved the MJ performace, he still a icon and the King of Pop.

Shakira & J.Lo killed it! They represented the Latinas in a huge way and I know Miami was on fire because of it. I only wish Pitbull had made an appearence.

#5 Beyonce & Cold Play (2016)

#4 Shakira & J.Lo's (2020)

#3 Bruno Mars (2014)

#3 Lady Gaga (2017)

#2 Micheal Jackson (1993)

Prince (2007)

Photo Credit : Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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