Doug & Jenn

Doug & Jenn

Doug & Jenn look forward to spending their mornings with you. They hope that for you, like them, it's an every day thing.Full Bio

Doug & Jenn

Doug & Jenn

Three Things You Need to Know NOW! Bill Belichick departs, the Affordable Care Act Sees Record Numbers of Subscribers and McDonald's Brings the Beef!

Doug & Jenn

Stanley Cups are causing quite the stir. But it wasn't always Stanley Cups that caused problems. Especially when someone bought you an "off-brand" item. Doug & Jenn discuss what happened to a kid who was bullied at school for having an off-brand Stanley Cup & the mother's reaction in today's podcast.

Golden Bachelor Recap

Did you see the finale of the Golden Bachelor? Were you happy about Gerry's choice? Today we recap the finale...and we have feelings!

Does Not Having Paternity Leave Lead to Alcohol Related Hospitalizations?

A Swedish study suggests not offering paternity leave could cause alcohol related hospitalizations. Why? On today's Podcast, Doug & Jenn discuss the study and the differences in the concept of paternity leave over the years.

When Was the First Time You Felt "Old"?

People are sharing the first time something or someone made them "feel old". It's happened to all of us...or it's about to! Check out the conversation with Doug & Jenn on today's podcast!

Is Bieber's Sloppy Dress Disrespectful to Hailey?

Pictures of the Biebers have been floating around the internet where Hailey is dressed to impress, and Justin appears to be wearing sweats. Is this disrespectful behavior on his part?

Do Opposites Atrract?

New research is out on whether the old saying "opposites attract" is actually true. Doug & Jenn discuss!

Alphabet Dating...and Doug's Favorite Letter

If you're relationship is getting stale experts suggest the "Alphabet Dating" trend. What is it? What letters does Doug suggest you try out? Give today's podcast a listen!

Does the New "Bed Rotting" Self-Care Trend Sound Appealing to You?

"Bed Rotting" is the newest "self-care" trend. Would you be able to actually do such a thing?