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Doug & Jenn

Doug & Jenn look forward to spending their mornings with you. They hope that for you, like them, it's an every day thing.Full Bio

Does the New "Bed Rotting" Self-Care Trend Sound Appealing to You?

Did Bluey's Parents Just Blow it?

A recent episode of "Bluey" has caused fans upset when Bluey's dad tells her that he needs to exercise more after not liking what he saw on the scale. Is this a bad thing for kids to see? Doug & Jenn discuss.

Should You Move if You Can't Find Love?

On today's podcast Doug & Jenn discuss the possibilities of moving to find love. Is it worth it?

Is 6 Hours a Week Enough Family Time?

On today's podcast, Doug & Jenn discuss the latest study showing how 6 hours a week is as much time as we get with family.

Doug & Jenn

What Food Crimes Have You Committed? Doug & Jenn talk about real life "Food Crimes" in today's podcast!

The Dish!

The Dish today features Ashton, Mila & Reese, Leonardo's possible fling with a MUCH younger woman and the next Magic Mike!

What is the Correct Temperature to Set Your Thermostat to?

It seems like everyone has a different opinion of what temperature is optimal to heat their homes to. Doug & Jenn discuss the results of our online poll...and finally...Doug is WRONG!

Are "Vacations" Over?

Are we done with vacations? 80% of people have agreed to working while on vacation if that means they can extend their actual vacation. Doug & Jenn discuss what that means in today's podcast.

Are These Deal Breakers in a Relationship?

A list of "deal breakers" for relationships is floating around the internet. It includes being smelly, being a bad tipper, over-sharing on social media and more. Doug & Jenn discuss what might actually be a true deal-breaker.

If Your Significant Other Wants to Do a Couple's Costume...Do You Just Do it?

What do you do if your significant other wants to do a "couples costume" but you don't? On today's podcast, Doug & Jenn attempt to help Candy who wrote in with that exact issue!