Hint...Don't Make A Public Proposal Unless You're SURE It Will Be A Yes!

Popping the question to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a very scary moment in your life! No matter how sure you are that you're going to hear a "yes"...there is still a part of you that is terrified that you'll get a "no"!

I want you to imagine that you invite all of your friends and family to meet up at a very public place, a mall for example, where you plan on surprising the love of your life and asking him/her to walk hand in hand with you in marriage until your dying day.

Now, imagine it all going wrong!

This is how it would look...

I feel bad for her because she had all of her loved ones there for the proposal and that's pretty embarrassing.

But part of me feels bad for him, too! That's a tough position to be put in!

Photo: Getty Images

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