Brad Paisley Dyes Wife's Roots While Under Lockdown.

Brad Paisley wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley, shared a video on Instagram of Brad taking on the role of his wife's hairdresser as the two stay home together.

"Alright so, this is what I normally use," she says, holding up a box of hair dye. "Oh, I had no idea you colored your hair!" Paisley quips before sloppily squirting the product into an applicator. Brad generously shakes the bottle for two minutes as his wife reminds him to "mix well." "I'm scared," she mouths to the camera before taking a seat in front of her husband. The singer then applies the dye all over her hair, joking that he saw "no gray" and asking, "When did you get a tattoo on your scalp?" "This is going to ruin everything I've worked towards in my image," Paisley jokes before adding, "You're using me for my talents."

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