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Tom Brady's Final Message To New England & Patriots Fans

It has been about three weeks since the news came out that, after a 20-year career with the Pats, Tom Brady was picking up and moving on to Tampa Bay to play for the Buccaneers.

Lots of different news agencies and sports columnists have put in their two cents as to why Tom decided to make the move.

Was it the culmination of a feud with Bill Belichick? Was it because he was disappointed about not having the right talent around him to continue to win? Was it because he felt underappreciated financially after everything he had done to make the Patriots the premiere organization in the NFL?

Well, maybe we should actually hear what Tom has to say about it all...in his own words!

He just wrote a personal message to New England about why he decided to leave.

And by the way, Cape Cod makes its way into letter, too!

Read it for yourself...

Photo: Getty Images

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