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A New Shopping Phenomenon Is Spreading...Panic Buying

Have you been to the grocery store lately?!

It's actually kind of amusing!

On Saturday afternoon, my wife and I followed our normal routine...a trip to the grocery after lunch at Sam Diego's, which won't be the routine for the next few weeks, by the way!

Anyway, after hearing stories of shortages of things like toilet paper and cleaning products from so many people I know, I was looking forward to seeing for myself if it was true...or just a bunch of hype.

Guess what?! It's real alright!

Just about every aisle had big empty shelf space. From pasta, rice, canned soups, cleaning products to, of course, paper products...everything was gone!

The only thing I keep thinking is...why?!

Well, i guess what we are experiencing is something called...panic buying. It is an actual condition!

Photo: Getty Images

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